Thursday, June 23, 2011

A local tourist for a day

I decided to stay local this time.  I only had a few hours before I had to get back to FCM, so I went to the Lake Lure Adventure company and rented a kayak for an hour.  The water on Lake Lure was calm that day so it was easy to cover a long distance in a short amount of time if you wanted to, however, I was more in the mood to just take it easy and enjoy being on the lake.  I circled a small island and cruised by the shoreline to get a glance at the huge homes that have been built around the lake.  I love kayaking and the feeling of being so close to the water.  At times I was tempted to jump in, but the lack of extra clothes and a towel were enough to keep me dry.  The second activity was to check out the local golf club, the Lake Lure Golf Club.  I didn't have time to play a round so I just grabbed a bucket of balls and hit the driving range.  I had an hour left after leaving the club so I drove over to Chimney Rock State Park.  I had already walked the trails earlier this spring but was in the mood for a view from the top at sunset.  I walked back over to the Hickory Nut Falls for a quick glance and then ventured up Chimney Rock to absorb the view once more.  The park was closing in 30 minutes so I basically had the place to myself.  So I reached the top and just enjoyed the breeze that instantly cooled me off from all the effort put in to get there.  The cool breeze and the sun setting over the trees was a perfect ending to my day.  I think its easy to forget what a beautiful place this is.......I always know where to go to be reminded....

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